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      TEL: 86-851-88565888




          Internet business ecosystem service provider based on big data






       ChiTong Group Co., Ltd.was founded in 2008 which the predecessor is Guizhou Chitong Network Technology Co., Ltd.As a service provider bascied on the Internet business ecology, which focus on running the dates in all walks of life. What’s more, it helps different companys to increase the market efficiency accroding to digital marketing, product Operation, Technical service and so on. Since its establishment, continues to exploration, investment research, focus on development, continuous innovation of science and technology, to science and technology as the first productivity so that it has been a professional Internet marketing big data service provider. We are committed to the business information, information simplification, product digitization, marketing intelligence, aimed at enabling enterprises, brand marketing, improve enterprise efficiency.
          “It's so easy to find you”is a enterprise mission of ChiTongGroup . Self-created digital direct information network has become China's original mainstream network brand. Adhering to the corporate vision of "ChiTong helps enterprises to gallop around the world",we strive to provide enterprises with Internet marketing solutions at the same time. From the development of network products, SEO, We-Media drainage, to the creation of a new Internet network marketing model, leading the enterprise big data development of the Internet era, walking at the forefront of the industry, to provide enterprises with unlimited possibilities.
            We adhere to customer-centric: for you, we will do better .We stand for openness, cooperation and win-win results. Constantly cooperate with customers and partners to innovate, expand industrial value, form a healthy industrial chain, and promote sustainable development of enterprises. At the same time, we do not forget the original intention, actively fulfill corporate social responsibility, full participation in social public welfare undertakings!
            ChiTong people not to live up to the generous times to give us the historic opportunity, who is rapidly growing into China's more valuable Internet enterprises, and committed to become a more trustworthy "Internet +" brand. In a conclusion, we are making a contribution to developing the big date unremittingly.
             ChiTong in the gui, mountain state, well-known overseas, access to the world!


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